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The light weight of YTONG reduces the load on the structure and allows us to significantly save money during the construction of the structure. The lightness of the airlock results in a high safety factor during seismic activity.

The cut airblock is placed in an autoclave oven, where during the next 12 hours the airblock is dried and hardened at high pressure – at a temperature of 190 degrees. The autoclave method eliminates the deformation of blocks and the formation of cracks during the drying process.

Ytong block is made of aerated concrete, which is made from natural and environmentally friendly raw materials: quartz sand, cement, lime, gypsum and water.
• Duration of the complete production process is 18 hours
• At high pressure, under steam, roasting (autoclaving) process
The duration is 12 hours, which determines the unique properties of the AAC block.

Exact geometrical data of aerated concrete blocks significantly simplifies not only the assembly process, but also the subsequent internal and external finishing. Low hygroscopicity and straight wall surface allow us to lay the tile without additional processing. Due to its homogeneous structure and good load-bearing capacity, the material is excellent for fastening work.

YTONG wall blocks are fireproof. Air concrete does not emit harmful substances and flammable droplets when exposed to fire. It is used for the construction of buildings and fire protection walls of any class. The material is perfectly cut, which also simplifies the assembly process and offers the opportunity to realize the most unusual projects.

energy efficiency
5 times lower thermal conductivity coefficient,
compared to a concrete block
It does not require additional thermal insulation material
-40% on utility costs

When using Ytong, laying on load-bearing structures and foundations is significantly reduced, which reduces the amount of required reinforcement by 10%-12%
Geometric precision
– $5 cost of sales material per 1m2

Ytong airblock ensures the gaps between the blocks
reduction to 2 mm, which is necessary to maintain energy efficiency.

Compliance with energy efficiency regulations
Ytong air block fully complies with the new legislation
mandatory energy efficiency requirements.

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