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Mortar trowels

Scoop­style mortar trowels are available with various notch patterns and in different widths to suit all wall thicknesses; they make it easy to apply the correct amount of thin­bed mortar to give a full­fill bond.

Rubber mallet

A rubber mallet is used to tap the masonry units into the fresh mortar bed and align them plumb and level.

Spirit level

A spirit level is used to check that the blockwork is plumb and that the bed joint is sufficiently level to lay the next course of blocks using the thin ­bed system. We advise using long spirit levels (≥ 200 cm) as this is the only way to accurately determine whether the blockwork is suffi­ciently plumb and level.

Ytong sanding board

Ytong AAC can also be sanded down if the blockwork is out of level or plumb.

A sanding board is sufficient for removing small amounts of material.

Ytong wall chaser

The Ytong wall chaser provides a simple means of forming grooves up to 3 cm deep in Ytong walls (e.g. for electrical connections).

Cutting tools for masonry blocks

Since the dimensions of the masonry block do not necessarily match the dimensions of the wall, blocks can easily be cut on site.

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