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Energy Efficiency

The excellent thermal insulation of Ytong aerated blocks simplifies temperature control in buildings and helps reduce utility bills by up to 40%.

Quickly Installed

The lightweight nature and excellent workability of Ytong AAC make it quick to install on site. Ytong products can be sawn or drilled using customary tools, greatly increasing onĀ­site productivity.

Outstanding Strength

Despite its light weight, Ytong AAC is strong enough to bear several floors. Excellent mechanical properties and the superior loadĀ­bearing capacity of Ytong make it the material of choice, especially in seismic areas.


Quality control programs and stringent production tolerances enable builders to work with the greatest precision and achieve optimal dimensional accuracy.


In the European Union, the United States and other countries, Ytong is certified as one of the most environmentally sustainable building materials. Moreover, Ytong is nonĀ­toxic.

Fire Resistance

The perfect solution for fire safety, Ytong is nonĀ­combustible and offers up to six hours of protection against fire ā€“ the highest fire rating in the industry.


Solid wall made of Ytong provide an effective sound insulation that meets standard requirements


AAC allows the diffusion of vapor which helps moderate moisture levels within a building. Thus a comfortable and healthy room climate is achieved.


Structures built with Ytong AAC are durable and will not degrade under normal atmospheric conditions.

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